The company

Distribution Stepana works in the field of food distribution for commercial and industrial sectors for over 40 years. Our company is above all a family business and is now under the direction of the second generation whose board is composed of St├ęphane Chevalier, Patrick Chevalier and as well as Nancy Chevalier.

Our main line of business is the distribution of dry and refrigerated food products of all kinds. Our products supply are carried out directly at the food manufacturers and producers to be redistributed often the same day in most 200 outlets daily.


Founded in 1986 by Mr. Roger Chevalier , the company Distribution Stepana was born from a passion for logistics and customer service. At that moment, the knowledge and the experience of Mr.Chevalier if the commercial food products distribution all started when he took over the sales and the delivry departement at Bilopage.

It was in 1989 when M.Chevalier has met M.Bertrand and M.Jean-Claude Levesque, owner at that time of the company JCB Dionne. Owners quickly realize the effectiveness of M.Chevalier offer and the the great logisitic management with only three trucks in the company. From 3 trucks the company extended rapidly to 15 trucks.

It was at this time that Roger's kids become involved, and employees in the company. Patrick was the first to join his father, followed by St├ęphane and recently Nancy. This wonderful adventure lasted 12 years until 2001, when JCB was acquired by the Group Saputo.

Today, everyone see Distribution Stepana's trucks on the road of the great Montreal. Our company now owns a fleet of 24 trucks of all kinds of sizes.

Distribution Stepana has made service a priority. The quality of it is matched only by the renowned of the company. Today Mr.Chevalier still manage the company, Stepana has became a leader in the specialized and personalized food products distribution.